Not able to Enable the Connection


While trying to enable the connection getting below Error:
Cannot connect to the database with DataSource class “oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource”.
Io exception: Connection reset.

Database is running.

Make sure the odbc/jdbc jars are placed in your WmJDBC package, reboot the IS if required.

Hi Mahesh,

odbc/jdbc jar file has been placed and also rebooted IS as well as DB.Still issue exist.

Hello Rohit,

Please place JDBC jar file for the following location and restart the server. Create the new JDBC adapter connection in IS admin Page.



does not look like an issue with the jars.

More likely it its pointing to some configuration mismatch between database and connection or to some issues with transport layer i.e. network, firewall etc.).

Can you share your connection config details (server address and user info can be masked)?


Yes please check the connection/firewall access details as Holger mentioned above that can be causing the issue.


Next step should be involve your network team for any firewall block or port opening and also your DBA team.

Also check the server log and error log for detailed error description.

Try to do a ping on the server host name and see if you are able to access the IP. Also try telnet on port. See if in any case you get a connection refused which might indicate a firewall issue.


Hello Rohit,

Have the issue is resolved or still pending.
Please provide more error details.

Shahbaz Khan

Hi All,

Issue was with firewall… it has been sorted out now.