Not able to deploy task

I am trying to deploy a process with a task but i get the following error continuously.

Warning: Did not deploy task to the task engine: (401)Unauthorized :: “(401)Unauthorized”. Step ID: “S17” Step Name: “changeInput”

I am using sysadmin as well as Administrator login, but always the same, but I can log in to the MWS login page.

Please tell me what to do.
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Just to add,
I get the following error in logs n matter how many times i deploy:

2007-08-10 11:35:59 EDT (Framework : WARN) - [POP.003.0099] administrator cannot view this item.
com.webmethods.portal.mech.access.PortalAccessException: [POP.003.0099] administrator cannot view this item.

You’ll notice that the connection is using the Administrator credentials.

Even if I use sysadmin it says Administrator in the logs, dont know why.

One question, do the functional privileges already come selected when MWS is installed or we haveto specify the privileges?

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Did you ever resolve this issue? I am experiencing the same thing…


Yes. My Administrator or Sysadmin had no rfunctional privileges assigned to them. Please check for the functional privileges for your administrator and give them all the required ones for tasks.

Hope you are facing the same problem and this helps you :slight_smile:
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Ninad Patil