Not able to create document in designer : XSD error - unable to locate root element

Hi All,

I am getting an error while validating a XSD which is again referring multiple xsds. All the required XSDs are in place. The same XSD shows valid when I check through XMLSPY. But it throws an error while creating the document in designer.

Error " unable to locate the root element".

Please help!

Hi Mitali

are you trying to load the XSD from your local workstation?

If so, try to place the XSDs on your IS box and load the XSD via HTTP-URL.

Designer is trying to load the referenced XSDs on the remote server.


Hi Holger,

My xsds are in IS Box. Sorry I am not clear, how to load XSD via HTTP-URL?

We have Windows OS. All the reference xsd files are in the same system.


Hi Mitali,

do you have an IIS running on this Windows box?

If not you can try to install an Apache Tomcat server.

Place the xsds in the WEBROOT maintaining the directory structure needed to find the referenced xsds.

Then import th xsd via URL http://hostname:port/.

We had to do so on our solaris system as otherwise the wsdls were not retrieving the referenced xsds and fail to load.


IS is running on Windows. So can I try anything else to see where the issue is?

Holger, even xsd exist in our local, we can import it to IS server and use it. Can’t we ?


If its ok for you, can you share the all the XSD;s here so that I can try from my end.


when all components (Designer, IS, …) are on the same box, yes.

But when IS is running on a different box than the Designer, there might be some issues whne trying load the referenced xsds.

At least in earlier version Developer/Designer loaded the main xsd from local disk and then tried to find the referenced on the remote box where IS is running.

The solution for this case is to put all the xsds in a webserver on the IS box and refer this URL when importing.


Thanks Holger and Mahesh.

I did put the xsds now in one system where I have all the components together.Still the same issue. However I need to try the other option of loading the xsds on webserver and for I need to reach infra team. Let me check that out.

For confidentiality purpose, i will not be able to post the XSDs here.