"NoSuchMethodError" with Tamino Api and Servlet

Hello there!

I’m using new TaminoAPI4J (version 3.1.2) with servlets and I get “NoSuchMethodError”-message. I have checked that I use the correct jar-files but still I’m having problems with that. The method that could “not” be found is from called
“TResponse response = xmlObjectAccessor.query( query );” If i run the example as a normal class it works just fine but when I’m trying to run example written as a servlet or called by the servlet the error occurs every damn time.

I have been figting with this problem for a while and it’s driving be crazy! If somebody could help me with this problem I’d be very greatful :slight_smile:

One possible problem, described with a solution >here< is that your jar files have the correct names but they are the wrong versions for the API.



Yes, thanks for your reply but I already checked that message earlier and it did not help me at all. After several hours fighting we noticed that we were using the old version of Tomcat (3.2) instead of newer one (4.0) in JBuilder. That resolved everything.

It seems to be that when you are dealing with servlets or jsp pages everything must be done with Tomcat 4.0. If not, everything works just fine with older versions of Tomcat (at least 3.2).

But thanks anyway :wink: