NonXML Objects in Tamino

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to store Java-objects in Tamino, you should do this via the TNonXMLObject according to the Documentation, and this works just fine until I insert it into Tamino via the TNonXMLObjectAccessor.insert method, this throws a NullPointerException. I followed the instruction for defining a schema for non-xml objects, so that should be allright too.
Could anyone please help me, I’m on a deadline here.


I tried to use the TNonXMLObjectAccessor.insert() and it works for me. Could you post your code and the exception stack trace? Also can you store non XML documents via the Tamino Interface Interface?

I’m very sorry, but there was a little misunderstanding … this post is from one of my collegues here who’s working on the same problem, so we did post a “parallel” question on the forum in 2 different threads.
Sorry for this, if you reply to one of the threads it’s ok, we’ll monitor them both :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Frederik J.