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Hi, guys!

Is it possible to connect to ADABAS 6.3 using adabas-tcp? How to enable TCP connection to ADABAS?

I’m running ADABAS on Red Hat Linux

$ adashow 250

Database Id.  : 250
Database Name : ADABAS-DESENV
Version       : v63004 (default)
Config. file  : /users/SAG/ada/db250/DB250.INI
Status        : active

Running “netstat” command I found 2 listening ports for ADABAS “adanuc.bin”:

$ sudo netstat -ntp |grep adanuc
tcp        0      0                 ESTABELECIDA4845/adanuc.bin     
tcp        0      0                 ESTABELECIDA5050/adanuc.bin

At the same time I have two “adanuc.bin” process running:

$ ps aux |grep adanuc
sag       4845  0.0  4.6 905700 759560 ?       Ssl  Jan30   0:37 /users/SAG/ada/v63004/bin/adanuc.bin DBID=100 +
sag       5050  0.3  4.6 1001280 759084 ?      Ssl  Jan30 438:47 /users/SAG/ada/v63004/bin/adanuc.bin DBID=250 +

I just wrote a lab program to start testing ADABAS Connection using Node.js and I’m anxious to know how to enable/connect to the database.

Thanks in advance.

I believe TCP support is relatively new. I don’t remember whether it was available in Adabas 6.3. Are the following ADANUC parameters documented/defined?

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Hi Ralph… Thanks for your reply.

Trying to check these parameters on INI files and service start shells I didn’t found them. There are any other place I can take a look to find them?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Andre,

ADATCP is available since Adabas 6.7.0. SSL is available since 6.7.1.
ADANUC (Starting The Database, Defining Nucleus Parameters) (

Adabas 6.3 is far too old and has no ADATCP support :frowning:

Maybe the Adabas Docker Community Edition can help you out if you want to have a simple environment for testing purpose? Check out this link: Software AG Adabas CE

As far as I can see you have already found adabas-tcp on github :wink:

Best regards,

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Hi Sven,

Thanks for your reply. We are planning a lot of changes on our environment and the version update is an planned task, but it will take a few months to complete.

Before this i will consider the docker version for testing purposes. :smiley:

Kind regards!

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