No threads available

We are seeing this error in the server logs frequently.

No threads available to run task {2#Cron Daemon Pool}(Complex Job Manager, 25.0, 1297751790050, running)

How can we find out the service that causes this issue?


Possibilities: Either there are more scheduled tasks running at any one time than can be supported by the number of scheduler threads you have configured, or one of the scheduled tasks is not completing and is being run multiple times (Repeat after completion is not checked for simple task, or a complex task is not returning).

What is the value set for scheduler threads? You might have allocated very less threads and hence seeing these messages also.
If you have sufficient threads in the server, try increasing this value. Else need to analyze what is consuming all the threads by verifying settings on all scheduled job or use thread dumps.

Go to IS Admin page
Click Service Usage
Check Show running services on top.
Check if threads are exceeded by a faulty implementation (like described before) or available threads are to low (Settings- Ressources).
IS comes with a very low default which is quite often exceeded, but you should first be aware how many threads you really need and not just increase without planning.


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