no table appear under current schema while using templates

Hi All,

When I created an adapter service using batchInsert templates I am unable to see any tables under current schema. We have given a DB user and DBA has created a Synonym for this table.
I can access the table from SQL developer (select * from Table_1) and I can access the same table using custom SQL template (in wM) only.

Can anyone help to resolve the issue so that tables appear in
current catalog → current schema and I can select from drop down.

Thanks in advance!!

While creating the connection, you have provided a username/password for the connection. If you are using Oracle, the schema name will be the same as the user name… The table which is created, is it under the same schema? If so, you can see the table under ‘current schema’. If the table is created under different schema (not same as user that you have provided), table will not appear in the current schema.

On a different note, if everything is fine, try reloading the adapter connection once.


thanks for your reply.
i found a service in WmJDBC package - pub.jdbcAdapter:updateServiceSchema
using that I changed the adapter service schema to currentschema.