No of connections in pool exceeds limit 20

Hi all,

one of my produciton servers shooting following exception (810 in number though!):$Exception: (106) JCO_ERROR_RESOURCE: Number of connections in pool YDPCLNT200&UKSAPBCT&200& exceeds limit of 20

Could any one of you show some light on this ? on the statistics tab of the administrative screen i noticed ‘Total Sessions’ to be 169 and most of it’s user name name is ‘connectors’, which i believe SAP BC uses to connect to R/3 through.
Btw my RFC Listener has been customized for 15 threads with rfc trace on.

I even restarted the server, the number connections are still appearing to be 169…
thank in advance
Sreedhar K

has your SAP system been restarted? u normally get this when SAOP has been restarted and BC has not been restarted
you can increase the amount of pools via the SAP adapter admin screen


I changed the connection pool size and again restarted the BC. solved the problem…