No LoginModules configured for IS_Transport


Can anybody tell me why I am receiving the below mentioned error while logging into IS/Designer.
WM version is 9.9 installed on windows7 64-bit machine.

Unable to initialize JAAS login context. JAAS configuration file in use: config\is_jaas.cnf. Error message: No LoginModules configured for IS_Transport. Stack trace: No LoginModules configured for IS_Transport

Nikhil Pardeshi

Attach is_jaas.cnf from \IntegrationServer\instances\default\config

Also check my comments @

Hello Mahesh,

I have attached the jaas file.
Also went through the link which you gave, since mine is installed on windows, I cant find WmData/Tmp dir.
is_jaas.txt (2.52 KB)

File looks same as mine, do you have IS extended setting property watt.config.systemProperties? defined?

Hello Mahesh,

No I have not set anything in ext settings.

Hello Mahesh,

Its working now.
I had changed my cubicle from that point it stopped working. Shifted back to old and its working fine.
I have no clue for this strange behavior, since I moved my entire CPU and desktop.

Thanks for your help.

Nikhil Pardeshi

Good to know. Thanks for updating the thread, this might be useful to other community members.