No bin folder after Developer folder


After installing the wM6 in Win2003 Server, I did not find the ‘bin’ folder in the folder %wM_Dir%\Developer , so the Developer did not work.
Who knows the reason , pls tell me. Thanks!

There was a problem in the installation. Uninstall and re-do.

I have reinstalled the wM three times , there was the same problem.
But the IS_Server worked well.
I selected the Developer module when installing. I really don’t know where the folder bin is .

Are you installing from an image file or using Installer to download from WM? What version? I installed Developer 6.5 SP3 two days ago with no issues.

I installed the wM from an image file.

Version 6.1
Updates IS_6-1_FP2

Maybe the image file is corrupt. What happens when you install Developer 6.1 from the WM Download Center?

But how to check the image file ? I don’t know how to install Developer from the WM Download Center.

When you run the installer, the default is to install from the WM download center. It will prompt for username/password and grab the software components that your company has license to install from WM. There, you can select the software components that you want to install.