Nirvana connection alias not able to setup

Fail to create webMethods JMS Connection Alias. Created JNDI setting and see successfull. but when trying to setup JMS connection alias its failing with error

“ [ISS.0134.9016] Error creating connection factory: javax.naming.NamingException: Name not found during lookup”

1)To connect nirvana jar files nJms.jar, jJ2EE.jar, and nclient.jar placed in IS
2) Created JNDI setup using proper factory

Please help.

Hi Uday,

Below are few debug points you can follow &require some more information about you JMS server also

1)if you are using weblogic as your JMS,you need to place weblogic.jar & wlclient.jar in IS/lib/jars folder

2)Check JNDI Setting once

3)if possiable,Test JMS in your server side also

Please give more information to find out more


I am not using web logic. Just tring to connect integration server with Nirvana.

Not sure,how to do in nirvana,let us wait for some one who have really hands on experience on it


Error is caused due to parameter “connection factory lookup name” it should be present in Nirava JNDI also


Please follow the steps to connect the Integration server with Nirvana
1. Make sure that, nJms.jar, jJ2EE.jar, and nclient.jar are placed in

2. If you’ve installed the Nirvana. Try to create the one topic and queue using Nirvana’ GUI Universal Messaging Enterprise Manager.

3. Open the IS-Admin page, Settings->Messaging->[JMS Configuration]->JNDI Settings->Create JNDI Provider Alias

4. Set the parameters as defined
JNDI Alias Name : NirvanaJNDIProvider
Description : A JNDI alias for Nirvana
Predefined JNDI Templates : Nirvana
Initial Context Factory : <will_automatically_load>
Provider URL : nsp://<machine_name_or_IP_ADDRESS>:9000/
Provider URL Failover List : <Leave_blank>
Security Principal : <Leave_blank>
Security Credentials : <Leave_blank>
Other Properties : <Leave_blank>

		Click on Save Changes(PFA: JNDI_test and JNDI_test1).

5. Open the IS-Admin page, Settings->Messaging->[JMS Configuration]->JMS Settings->Create JMS Connection Alias

6. Set the parameters as defined

		General Settings 
			Connection Alias Name	:	NIRVANA_JMS_CONNECTION 
			Enabled					: 	No 
			Description 			:	A JMS connection alias created for nirvana 
			Transaction Type 		:	NO_TRANSACTION
			Connection Client ID  	: 	<Leave_blank>
			User  					:	<Leave_blank>
			Password  				:	<Leave_blank>

		Connection Protocol Settings 
			Create Connection Using 				:	JNDI LOOKUP 
			JNDI Provider Alias 					:	NirvanaJNDIProvider  
			Connection Factory Lookup Name 			:	NirvanaConnectionFactory 
			Monitor webMethods Connection Factory 	:	No
		Advanced Settings 
			Class Loader 			:	INTEGRATION_SERVER 
			Maximum CSQ Size 		:	UNLIMITED 
			Drain CSQ in Order 		:	Yes 
			Create Temporary Queue 	:	Yes 
			Manage Destinations 	:	Yes 
			Create New Connection per Trigger : No 
		Producer Caching 
			Caching Mode 	:	DISABLED 
		Producer Retry 
			Max Retry Attempts 	:	0 
			Retry Interval (milliseconds) :	1000 

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I did follow the approach you said, but I am not getting “nirvana” as “Predefined JNDI Templates”. So I manually copied “com.pcbsys.nirvana.nSpace.NirvanaContextFactory” as “Initial Context Factory” and “nsp://” as “Provider URL”. But while doing Test Lookup, I am getting “Bad version number in .class file” in the admin page.

webMethods version:7.1
Nirvana Messaging Server version:9.1

Do you have any idea what is going wrong?


I created BUS process which gets XML file, at the end I implemented a JMS publish to which publishes stream into the Queue. Then I implemented a BPM process workflow which must load the xml file since the Queue in order to run BPM process and debugging it. The load is OK but the process of debug not works, I think the BPM is not able to consume the XML file into the Queue. I am locked at this step since some days.

Could you help me please to solve this defect?
It is possible to find the documentation which explains the communication process between BUS and BPM?