NExus and deployment

I am new to webmethods and is doing a CICD pipeline for webmethods through jenkins. I am able to build and generate .acdl and zip files as an outcome to the build. Now i want to push these artifacts to NEXUS and from nexus i want to deploy the components. I have browsed and nowhere is showing how to configure nexus and pushing the artifacts of webmethods to Nexus and the deployment of it in from nexus. I have few queries.

  1. Configuring and pushing the artifacts to webmethods?
  2. Configuring nexus for deployment to repsective servers. Do we need to use any CM tool for this?

Hi Sudhakar

We have implemented CICD with Github /Asset builder and Jenkins. The only difference is that you are using Nexus instead of Github. For Github we were able to create a macrodef for all the git activities and then called these activities in the build xml which was configured in our Jenkins Project. So our high level architecture consist of the following steps

  1. FTP/SFTP the code from the Integration Servers to your Jenkins Server. (We have a deployment server also in the same host)
  2. CheckIn the code to Git with the git macrodef
  3. Create and build Project by configuring the ProjectAutomator.
  4. Deploy with Deployer of the Integration Server

All the above steps was executed with the Build XML configured in the Jenkins project.
In the ProjectAutomator we configured a ProjectRepo which was the same location of step 1, and was configured as a File Repo in WmDeployer.

Sajeevan MP