Newbie need help with csv template for recordWithNoID

I can’t seem to get the template correct for a csv file without segment identifiers. I don’t need first line of data, only 2nd thru last line. Input looks like this:


I copied the flow from WmEDIsamples parseCsvInput and modified template to look like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 10 44 AAA AAA2

When I run my test flow, I get null pointer exception at wm.b2b.edi.EDIConverter.getSegment( Any help would be greatly appreciated.



When using recordWithNoID, there are no need for dummy segments and loops.

changed template:






I get a CSV with values such as OrderNo, LineNo, ItemNo, Qty, etc… I am able to get the values using a flatfile Template with “recordWithNoID”.

I need data extracted by OrderNos. Can this be done with flatfile template? do i need to create any other loop segments as well?

I use webMethods 4.6.

Not sure I understand your question.
If you have the values then you should be able to manipulate the data by writing services using the idata object generated by the template.