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New to webMethods: Are there any good HOWTOS or tutorials on updating/deleting data using the WM bindings?


Welcome Brad :slight_smile: Can you give us more information please.

Even I am new to webMethods and just downloaded 9.5, Trying to find the documentation (Developers guide…,etc). It is very hard to find the documents for webMethods 9.5 . The bad thing is the trial download doesn’t have the documentation.

Can someone please suggest me where I can find the documentation for the latest release?

Welcome Sridhar,

Become a member at Empower Software AG site (using your work email address) in-order to download any docs on webMethods.


If you have any concerns/queries follow the details below:

[url][/url] or email with your queries and concerns and wait till they respond.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Adding one more point…

If you have webMethods licensed version (not free trail), you can have an option to install documentation during your installation process. They will be stored in a specific folder on your file system.


Additionally information (from Empower Home-Page):

April 14, 2014
Referred here from

Change of Access to Software AG’s Product Documentation as of April 14, 2014

With the goal of consolidating Software AG’s product documentation in a single secure and centralized location, we have integrated the public documentation from into the Software AG Customer Portal Empower.

To ensure you are able to access the documentation in its new location:

If you are a Software AG customer or partner with current Empower credentials, no action is required as documentation access via Empower is unchanged. Links and bookmarks to will remain valid.
If you are an existing Tech Community user, you can access the documentation via the Communities menu.
If you do not have a Tech Community profile, you can register at, specifying documentation as an area of interest. You will be asked for some details (name, company, reason for your interest in our documentation), and will be able to access the documentation when your request has been approved.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you Mahesh / Holger.


In addition to documentation, you have samples available at :

to make you comfortable in how-to of webMethods coding.



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