New to CAF

Hello guys,
Actually we are creating enterprise Level hospital information system web application, and we are in process of deciding technology either platform like or tools like webMethods which i think is based on java to ease our development. My specific concerns about webMethods/CAF are:

-Development speed will really reduce as compare to developing application using VS2008?
-Integrating with third party finance application like oracle apps etc.
-Rank the UI out of 10 comparing to
-Performance in high volume data.
-Does it really very easy to do the Customization?

And you guys can understand that HIS contains very high volume of data and requires rich UI and customizations, so please tell me what you think about webMethods/CAF and other suggestions are welcome as well.

If you numbered your questions it would be easier to answer…

Anyways I am not an MS person and yes CAF is based upon Java w/ JSF. Still need training on how to implement portlet creation

Integrating with 3rd party would be the part of webMethods Integration Server which is supposed to be one of their products that has been around for a awhile an is stable.

It is fairly easy to do customization and building portlets. I find less of a technical challenge than it is to try to get business nailed down to a process.

thanks mmartini

Do they give online demo?, if yes then how can i get it?

If you need a demo then you can contact - . He is in charge of West Coast of USA but can probably get you someone in your timezone/region/area.

Tell him I sent you.

Software AG has just announced NaturalONE, which you probably should look at before making a decision. Check with your regional office for a presentation.