New Session for MB for each Browser tab

In the application I have a 2 links that are built using Portlet Simple Link that contains an Extended Portlet URL, this link points to the same page with different parameters and with the Reset State = True. The page contains a table and the provider.

For this the CAF creates a Manage Bean for the view and another for the Provider.

I’m using IE 8 as the browser.

When I click in the link it creates new tabs in the browser, for each tab is created in the server different MBeans for the view, however it’s shared the same (shared across tabs) MBean for the provider.

Is this a platform problem?

Is there any way to when I click in the link to create a complete new session?


What version of MWS are you using? 7.1.3 or 8.0 SP2?


Hi Mark

He are using the 7.1.3. and the IE 8

Is this possible in a specific version?


(Sorry for the previous question, i was just trying to understand what you meant by tabs… Whether you were referring to the 8.x workspace tabs, or Browser Tabs)

I’d recommend experimenting with the generated code that provides access to the Provider Bean. You’ll see that it follows the pattern:

public … getXXX(){
if membervar == null
membervar = resolveBindingExpression(…)

return membervar

Since the resolution of resolveBindingExpression is returning a session based bean (the provider), perhaps you can try to just create it manually?

Hope this helps.