Save Tab state

We have 3 different portlet pages and we show these pages when user logs in to the Administrator view (Using Tabs).
When we are working on Tab 1 and click on Tab 2 and then come back to Tab 1 all the information on Tab 1 is lost.
Is there a way we can save the state of Tab 1 along with the information when moved away from this tab or is this the default behavior of MWS ?

I will give it a try changing the Portlet managed bean scope to application and see what is the change in behavior but I would like to know if there are any other ways possible to achieve this.

Please see the “Modifying the Bean Expiration Policy” section of the MWS admin guide.

One way you can do this is ,you can set target url of the Tab inside one portlet only, using panel.
For your case ,in different Tab target url using is again a new portlet.So always it is calling page Initialization service by default.
So,I think you need to bypass this service calling.