New Page logic

This involves:

WRITE TITLE (**) ----------------

AT TOP OF PAGE -----------------

. . . . . . .

NEWPAGE -------------------------

If you are an old Cobol programmer like me, watch out, and don’t try too hard to figure out the logical flow to this set up. Just write up a program template that works OK, and stick with it for coding in the future.

Congratulations on leaving the dark side. I am presuming, perhaps incorrectly, that
“Old Cobol Programmer” is equivalent to “New Natural programmer”.

WRITE TITLE and AT TOP OF PAGE are Event Driven (also called non-procedural). Physical placement in code is irrelevant.

NEWPAGE is a procedural statement. It does NOT, however, start a new page. It merely sets a flag that causes the next DISPLAY, WRITE, or PRINT to go on a new page.


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