new page command when using report control


I’m creating a dynamic report using report control. Sometimes during printing I need the report to be printed on a new page.
How do I do that?


Hi Cleyton,

The REPORT control currently only supports a “newline”, it does not support “newpage”.
In the “CISFO:*” pdf controls a CISFO:NEWPAGE2 is supported. I totally agree, it would make sense to have support for “newpage” in the REPORT control as well.

If you want us to add corresponding support for “newpage” to the REPORT control, please open an enhancement request.

Thanks + Best Regards,

Hi, Christine.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately the printing has to be done using the report control. The “CISFO:*” pdf controls don’t satisfy the costumer’s needs.
How do I open an enhancement request?

Best Regards,

Hi Cleyton,

To create a Feature Request

  • Logon to Empower
  • Select ‘Feature Request’
  • Click ‘Launch Brainstorm Now’
  • Expand ‘New’ (upper right corner) and select ‘Feature Request’
  • Fill in the form and ‘SAVE’

Don’t forget to fill in your email address into ‘External Watchers Email’ so that you can be informed about the progress.

Best Regards,