I need to to add a picture file on PDF output generated by REPORT control

We are working on a Natural for Ajax project to running Natural System in a web interface.

At the end of the given workflow it is needed to get a PDF output, which we created with the Control “report”. Added to the text information we have to add a picture file to this PDF, but can’t find any control to create this.

Could somebody help us about this subject?


Hi Neila,

did you find a solution in the meanwhile?

Images in PDFs are supported when you are using the “Adapter Listener” alternative for the PDF support. Please see the PDF_FOP_Demo_fop.xml and PDF_FOP_Demo.xml layouts in the njxdemos.

The report control focuses on more on text.

If you haven’t found a better solution yet, would the “Adapter Listener” approach (see also http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/natural/njx826/njx/njx-pdf.htm#fisanchor0) be an option?

Best Regards,