New behaviour between 9.10 and 10.5 version

I realize that in 10.5 version I have a new behaviour when we do a Set Value with several variables separated by \ character.

For Instance if I do the following set Value
a = %a1%%a2%%a3%

and put “toto” in a1, “titi” in a2 and “tutu” in a3.
Instead of having the toto\titi\tutu in the value of a in run time, I have %a1%%a2%%a3%

Is it exists a way to delete this behaviour and if not, do you know how to replace the \ to have the expected behaviour ?

Hi Vital,

I am not sure if I understood your issue correctly.

Did you remember to check the “Perform Pipeline Variable Substitution” Checkbox in the SetValue dialog?

Whenever one of the variables a1 to a3 has no value, it will not be substituted but remains by its variable definition in the resulting value. All other character are persisted “as is” to the result.


Yes Holger,
It is the first thing I checked.

In fact, on 10.5 version, it does’nt work when we have set Set Value like that


The \ seems to be a probleme.

If I do %a1%%a2% : no problem

Instead of ’ \ ', can you try with ‘/’? I guess this backslash issue is fixed in 10.5 version internally but the fix is not yet released.


Thanks Prashant

You confirm what I thought.

I have not yet tried. In fact set Value with \ corresponding to file paths in Windows Environment.
I don’t know yet (not tried) if / instead of \ work (I think yes but not make the test).

Problem is I have a lot of packages in 9.10 environment and I want to migrate on 10.5.
Have to create an anglorithme to get all set value in %…%\ form and correct if (by browsering all flow.xml file in file system of packages).

For information I tried if I do
a = %a1%%antislash%%a2%

with antislash =
it works.

Hi Vital,

inside webMethods “/” should work as path separator regardless of OS being used.

Using XQueries might be helpful in this case together with some file access services.

You should check the IS Built-In-Services Reference for further services/informations.


Hi Holge,
I didn’t think about xquery : that can helpfull for other subjects.

Here what I have done is used WMRoot package to list service and package from serveur. After that from the namespace I read the flow.xml file for each services and if I find %\ or% I put the read service in a string list.

I found about 20 services in my list and I inspect them to see if I should do a modification or not

This is a bug in the product and they have released a test patch for it. Reach out to SAG Support for it. Ask them to refer to 5400418 ticket.

Good luck!