Netezza Connectivity

We have a new project where in we need to connect to Netezza 3.1.4 appliance(DWH System). Whether do we have any custom adapter to connect from webMethods. let me know if any one have connected the same.

Netezza appliance

Netezza appliances provide a database-server-storage configuration in a purpose-built system designed to perform complex queries against large volumes of stored data. Netezza data warehouse appliances are designed for blisteringly fast analysis against terabytes of data 10-100 times faster than traditional solutions, with a lower TCO and greater ease of use.

Advanced thanks for your response!

I got some more information on it. Netezza can support Unix version JDBC 3.0. Inthat case can i use JDBC adapter to connect to this environment.

Whether JDBC adapter support only the databases that are mentioned in the JDBC Adapter User Guide or we can use any databases which uses/exposes standard JDBC API.

Thanks for your response!