.NET SASL library for Universal Messaging 9.9-10.0

SASL authentication in .NET is a new feature added to versions 9.9-10.0 after their official release.

This adds a number of methods to the current API such that a client can supply a username and password in order to authenticate to a Universal Messaging server. These API changes are available as part of the normal fix distribution process, however they are dependent on the external libraries contained here. In order for the new API calls to succeed, these libraries must be available. If a client application attempts to create an authenticated session using SASL without these libraries, the session creation will fail. For more information on the API for authentication, see the product documentation.

Note: This will only affect UM .NET client, UM .NET admin and UM .NET reactive extension clients. Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Universal Messaging clients do not support SASL authentication.

Check Readme.txt inside the zip archive for requirements.

Download .NET SASL library for Universal Messaging 9.9-10.0 here