.net RPC logon problem


I am making a call to a Nat Subprogram via RPC and .net wrapper using the logon opcion

The RPC Server has LOGONRQ=ON

My .net code look like this

#region Constructor(s) etc for LIBRARY ‘SISAUT’

public bool NaturalLogon=true;
public SISAUT() : base() {}
public SISAUT(Broker broker) : base ( broker ) {}
public SISAUT(Service service) : base ( service ) {}

#region Method/Function for LIBRARY ‘SISAUT’ PROGRAM ‘ARBAW050’


public void Arbaw050(
[SendAs(IdlType.A, Length=13f, Dim=1f, Dim2=200f)][Out] out StringBuilder[,] arregl
arregl = new StringBuilder[1,200] ;



and as a result I get the following error

10010012: Authorization or initialization failed. Lib=SYSRPC,Pgm=ARBAW050,(NATURAL Error Info: Program=ARBAW050,Error=6975,Line=9999,Status=O,Level=01).

Any clue will be appreciate…

Hi Euridici,

I’m trying to reproduce the problem and am following a trace. Are you using conversational calls?

Regards, Dietmar.

Hi Euridici,

it seems like there is missing a

service.NaturalLogon = true;

statement in your code.

Regards, Dietmar.

Ups… You are totally right

Now it works

Thanks Mr. Dietmar.