.net jms client to webmethods jms provider

I’ve searched all over and am trying to find an example of .Net connecting and sending/receiving messages on my webMethods JMS Provider on our broker.

I’m also needing to know where to find any DLLs needed for them to connect properly. I assume they’ll need some?

At the same time I’ve been trying to make a Java client work just for my own knowledge and ensuring an outside client can indeed connect and process messages using WM JMS as the provider. I cannot find the jars anywhere that I see people point to: wm-jmsnaming.jar for example…where can I find that?

BTW, I’m on 9.8 IS and 9.6 Broker

thanks in advance, diane

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Same here, were you able to find a solution? I assume migrating to UM will do but is there a short-term solution for Broker?