Nested Try/Catch -- How do I clear an error?

Hi! Kinda new to this, so please bear with me. (I have learned so much from y’all already, but couldn’t find anything on this situation)

I am having troubles with a nested Try/Catch structure where the second Try/Catch is in a flow service invoked from the main Catch. I am trying to handle a database connection error and send an email to the users with a notification.

Basic Structure:

-Try1 (Exit on Failure)
– Database Read
– (other stuff)
– Exit Try1
-Catch1 (Exit on Done)
– GetLastError
– Build Email text
– Invoke EmailService
— (Inside EmailService)
---- Try2 (Exit on Failure)
----- Format and Send email
---- Catch2 (Exit on Done)
----- Format and send failure email
— (End EmailService)
-End Try1/Catch1

The problem comes in when I invoke the EmailService. The Try2/Catch2 inside the EmailService is picking up the error from Try1/Catch1 and forcing the flow into Catch2.

By the time the EmailService is called, I no longer need the error details.

So, is there a way to either “Clear” the error before I invoke the EmailService OR can I somehow scope the EmailService so it will ignore the original error and only handle its own errors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Never mind… I had an error in my EmailService that was causing the situation.

It is working fine now.