nested documents and dimensions

i have a document structure like this one: a document “Invoice”, containing (among others) a document “Order” which - itself - is containing a certain amount of “CDs”-documents. To complicate things further, every doc “CD” is containing a certain amount of “song” documents. The phrase “is containing a certain amount of” shall be implemented by adding a dimension to the nested documents “CDs” and “song”. But every time, I try this, I get the error code "Cannot add dimension to this field. Java throws an “ImplException: Field not Found (203-1090)”. Isn’t it possible to add dimensions to a field with type document (BI User’s Guide says, it is)?


PS: The impl. systems are Enterprise and WF

BI 4.6 allows users to create documents for steps assigned to the enterprise implementation system. BI does support nested documents (as you saw in the documentation), but unfortunately, BI does not support dimensions like below:
Doc A[]
struct B[]
Field x
struct C[]
Field y
struct D[]
Field z


Daisy Jiang
Prod Mgr, Process Automation