NEEEUX3 User Exit sample in Appl. Analysis & Mod. Manua

I’m a little bit confused regarding the NEEEUX3 example in the Application Analysis and Modification manual. What is the meaning of this User Exit ?
The example shows how to change a program name by using the User Exit: But you could do the same using the keyword ADJUST and a TLM.
If you would do so you could even change the name to any other name - not only with prefix “sag”.

The example shows how to rename a subprogram “xxgetid” to “saggetid”.
This works well. But there is only a catalogued module in the SYSNEE lib and you can’t see how it works.

How can you see the standard interface and the parameters which are used? How can you adapt this and use it for your own purposes ?? :roll:

There should be a NEEUEX3X supplied on the SYSNEE library. This contains the source code of the example supplied.
Normally, we do not supply the NEEUEX3 version as the customer may already have created their own version.
Please can you check your SYSNEE library.
BTW, NEE541/2 is being packaged on Friday 23rd March - so I will check that the package is correct.
If you do not find this object source code, I will post it up.
Let me know