Natural/Adabas User Exits for Natural V3 on z/VSE 3.1 CICSTS


We acquired a CICS Monitor containing exit support for Natural V1 and
V2 applications under CICS. We have several clients that would like
the same capability for Natural V3. What exits are available for
Natural V3 in a CICS/TS environment under z/VSE 3.1 and where could
we obtain documentation for these exits?


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Natural comes with the Remote Data Collector (RDC) exits. They are invoked before & after the following events: Database calls, WRITE/DISPLAY I/O, Program start/stop, and also invoked at Natural error, user messages (manually invoked), and program Load. See library SYSRDC for more information on how to use it from within Natural sessions. See the installation and administrator’s manuals for how to code exit modules that handle all active sessions at once. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I use it heavily.


Thanks for the post. The keyword SYSRDC provided some answers with
Google searches. However, it looks like I need to see a copy of the
Sample program XNCIRDC1 for VSE. I did find a copy on LISTSERV.UARK.EDU but it looks like its for MVS. I do not know if SAG
has a problem with supplying documentation and user exit samples
to developers who are not licensed for their products but that would probably be the best route for us if they do. The documentation I did find from SAG on a Google search was helpful but just stated “Sample Programs for Use with VSE/ESA” and “For VSE/ESA, the sample programs written in Assembler are supplied as A books. The sample programs written in COBOL are supplied as C books”. If you are aware of a way we could obtain this information that would be a great help.

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