Need to trigger email from scheduled webmethods flow service

I am trying to write a flow service which pulls data from DB and after processing it I have the output as below

Document List
Header Document
Child Document List

the child document list may contain multiple records for 1st iteration in Header document and there should be minimum one record available in child Document List
Now I need to form an HTML table to view this result need your assistance to understand how I can loop over the list item of the document in HTML tag, please advice


Do not understand your problem.
Can you upload some screen shot to describe what you have done now, and make some sample to describe what’s your expected result?


you can look at DSP pdf and use runTemplateOnPipeline service to create required output.

@ Rajesh,

You were able to implement your requirement? If not can you tel us more about this?

Use a DSP page for this.First invoke the service that will give the document list structure as output using e %invoke% tag. Then loop over and create tables inside the loop.This will be dynamic approach. Sample structure, as provided in SAG DSP guide,

Order Tracking System

Current Orders

%invoke orders:showOrders% %loop orders%
Company: ABC
Phone: 8001213546
Address: 3351 covelake drive
APT 163
%endloop% %endinvoke%