Need to find latest file from a folder using software AG scheduled Event

Do we have an option to find the latest file from a directory given in find action inside scheduled event in software AG active transfer.

I have scheduled event with find action which monitories to a NFS directory .This NFS directory will have multiple files which are uploaded in the same day .I need to find the lastest file among these. Is this possible with just AT event? or i need use IS service to sort files and filter latest file.

Hi Murali,

The find action supports listing of files based on the last modified date/time stamp.
The advance section of a find action has this control, ‘Last file modification’ that can be configured to list files within or before a specific days, hours and minutes of last modified date.
Please refer the screenshot attached.

Since this feature depends on the last file modification date of the file, please make sure that the files uploaded to the NFS directory actually reflects last file modification date.

Please let us know if this answers your query.


@Biswajit_Bhuyan Thanks for replying my query. But if i use “Last file modification” feature in AT . It will pick all files which satisfy modification criteria .Suppose i configure it as last 5 minutes ,if the find directory won’t have files modified within 5 minutes ,AT will not pick any of the files .Actually my requirement is to pick the last modified file in a directory without considering the time it got modified.

So for this i have created a java service to find the latest file that got modified in a directory.
Again thank you so much for answering my query.

Hi Murli,

ActiveTransfer does support listing of file in preferred order.
Please refer the screenshot below:

Please let us know if this answers your query.


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