Need to create triggers using java service/flowservice

As per my requirement, I need to create same JMS trigger under 3 different packages, so we want to create those automatically by passing input parameters like Destination name, Destination Type, Durable Subscriber Name, service name to the service. Can anyone let me know with the best approach to do the same?

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There are built in services available in WmRoot package. Those services may be helpful to you.
WmRoot/wm.server.triggers - the trigger related services (for create/delete, etc) are available in this folder, though i donot remember exact folders for JMS triggers but its worth a try.

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Be aware that using services in WmRoot is not officially supported by wM. If you use services there and encounter trouble, wM will not help you.

Yes, that’s right. Even the WmRoot package is hidden by default. I guess we can use the services in that package (with no support) but never try to change anything, though the java classes can be altered for our own use!