Need to connect Trading networks to the Integration server that does not host it.

Hi All,
My integration requirement is to connect the Trading networks route documents to the IS that does not host the TN. How do I achieve it? I have webMethods 8.2 Integration suite-IS,MWS and TN. The database to which the IS connects is the same as TN and MWS. I am also using Central Users configuration so authentication of MWS user on remote IS or TN would not be an issue.

Thanks for the help.

TN can only run inside IS.
If a IS doesn’t have TN, you can’t use TN.
If you mean sending from IS w/o TN to another IS with TN, you can post to service

You can post from IS/TN to another IS (which does not have TN doesn’t matter) you can user client:http service from IS to another IS.


Thanks for the reply Tong,
For availability reasons, we have this configuration . TN certainly has its one IS but we dont want to route documents there. Any other way to cofigure this way to send to different IS? I would like to avoid using tn.receive.
On TN console, under the preferences, I tried configuring different IS but gives me an error.

Thanks again.

Thanks RMG.
Agreed thats doable, but my question is , is there no way to just wire TN to different IS than default?
Sounds like something that might be a common requirement,like an IS-TN cluster.

Thanks again.

No really…as IS/TN server are tied together…but you can point/tie to any other TN DB from JDBC Pools page.


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