need to change permissions once the file is processed

Hi All,

we have a situation where we are processing files on a NAS locations, during moving the files from inbound folder to working/done/error folders. wM is changing the file permissions. Am not sure if its wM issue or file share issue. Also, if we need to make any changes to the access ( like read/write/delete ), how can we do it from wM.

Please let me know.

Hi Kumar,
You can use the executeOsCommand function. I remember such a function it should be within the public folder please check for it,

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I don’t think webMethods changes the file permissions. If yes, can you tell us to what permissions they get?

As suggested above you can execute the service on both Linux and Windows but it requires a entry in file access control cnf file. Look at the service built in guide for WmPublic.


most likely this refers to the umask settings in the profile of the user used to start the IntegrationServer.
Any files modified by IntegrationServer will have the same owner as the user running the IntegrationServer and they will inherit the file permissions defined by the umask settings in the users profile.

Can you check this?