Need to access an FTP session object.

I am trying to write a java service that works like pub.client.ftp:login but works with a UNISYS system which requires an additional password.

I know how to initiate an FTP connection in java, I simply need to know how to tie it to a sessionkey so pub.client.ftp:cd, pub.client.ftp:get, and pub.client.ftp:logout can attach to the session.

I know I asked this question as a follow-on to another thread, but In hindsight, I should have posted this as a separate thread the first time.

I believe this answer is applicable for Flow Service mappings.

Basically if you initiate with

then until we final invoke pub.client.ftp:logout

the session Unique key will be implicitly mapped or tied in pipeline.

Hope this works…

Sorry if i misunderstand this question.


Thanks for your reply, but I have to create a custom version of pub.client.ftp:login.

You could ask webMethods if it is OK for you to obtain the sources of pub.client.ftp.

What does the third parameter look like?

If it is an extra FTP command after USER and PASS, can it be passed as a QUOTE command after the regular login?

Or is it possible to use the FTP client through a proxy and have the proxy provide the extra parameter?