Need Particular value from a document as a string

Hi ,

I have a situation where my input is an XML i need a particular field value from it i tried to do

from that document i was unable to get a particular value from it is there any built in service for please let me know

I also tried another way xmlstring to xmlnode and then queryxmlnode even though it is retruning me a null value

Hi Sai,

please note that the transformation of xml related objects is a circle of 3 services:

  • pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument
  • pub.xml:documentToXMLString
  • pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode

Dependend on which type you start with and which one you need for further processing you have to use one or two of them using the output of the first one as input on the second one.

The service pub.xml:queryXMLNode should exactly do what meets yor requirement.

See IntegrationServer Build-In-Services Guide for further informations on these services.

Can you share your IS version as well as some error messages from the server log (if there are any)?
Can you share a sample of your document structure as well as the query you have already tried for queryXMLNode?


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Did you give correct XQL path in the queryxmlnode and may be that’s why it’s returning null…

Can you write up here the syntax you set?