Need Help with WebServices DCA


I�m trying to add a custom Monitor to wM Optimize using the addMonitorDescription-Method.

As far as I can see, the WSDLs located in glue and in Optimize_directory\controller\webapps\root\wsdl are slighty different, e.g. the structure of DocType “addMonitorDescription0In” differs.

Because other users already reported problems with the WSDL out of the filesystem, I created a WebServiceConnector in Developer using "http://localhost:12006/glue/WSOperationalDataCollector.wsdl".

The results after execution are a document named “header” containing a status 500 and statusMessage “Internal Server Error”, a string soapStatus “1” and a string soapResponseData which is empty.

12006 is the webServicePort conigured in Optimize_directory\controller\conf\local\agent\webservicedca\, I have access to glue console on URL http://localhost:12006/glue/console which containes the WSDLs of WSProcessDataCollector and WSOperationalDataCollector and to glue console on http://localhost:12005/glue/console without the 2 WSDLs. Maybe this is part of the problem?

Can anybody help me?

Hi Max

Please look into the below thread:

I hope this may help u to figure out the problem.


Hi Ravindran,

I�m not sure, if this thread matches my problem. I read this before posting my own message.

The URL "http://localhost:12005/glue/WSOperationalDataCollector.wsdl" seems to be invalid. Browser displays the “page cannot be found” message, that�s the reason why I used port 12006. Typing "http://localhost:12006/glue/WSOperationalDataCollector.wsdl", the WSDL is shown.

Also the values of the Sample Input parms posted by Ramnish Gaikwad didn�t help. Comparing the input values shown in the screenshot and shown in my instance of Developer, Ramnish used another WSDL source! What I am using looks like the sample you provided in your “input.doc” screenshot file.

The file contains another property named “deployToController” which is set to “false”. Has this to be “true” or removed?