Need help on Webmethods Version

Can someone help me with the below questions.

What version of webMethods supports Oracle 10g database and also can it run on AIX OS? Currently we are using webMethods version 6.0.1, will this version support to Oracle 10g?

A wise man once said “webMethods is not a product it is a company”. Now it is a division of Software AG, but the meaning behind that phrase still holds true.

To which webMethods product are you referring? webMethods product versions 6.1 and lower will no longer be supported after next Spring (2009). webMethods is aggressively pushing to get all customers on the 7.1 SP2 (7.1.2) versions of the products as soon as possible. Most of the 7.1.2 products support Oracle 10G and AIX 32- and 64-bit OS.

See the Cross Product Documentation information on Advantage for details.