Need help in creating a scheduler

I want to have a scheduler to call a service. Service has 2 input fields. Based on these 2 fields it fuctions. I want to have 2 schedulers, one having inputs
a1,b1 and other one a2,b2 to call the same service. I could able to create a first scheduler successfully and able to set input values. Second scheduler also able to create but could not able
to set the input fields to it. Could you please suggest to get this done.

Thanks for your help.

BR, Anil.

Hi Anil,

can you share the screen shots of the two scheduler definitions (including the “Assign Inputs” Settings)?

As long as the execution of both schedukers services does not overlap, there should be no issue having two schedulers invoking the same service having differnt inputs.
Just make sure that the schedulers have different names/descriptions.

Which version of wM are you using?


Thanks, it was browser problem.

BR, Anil.