Need details on trigger properties

Hello All,

In trigger, we have some properties like Trigger Queue Capacity &Trigger Queue Refill Level … Can some narrate me imp of TQ Refill level. For ex say capacity is 60 and Refill level is 40, does it mean when Q has documents which are yet to process is 10 then it goes to IS and brings rest 30 to load them … ? Please shed some light on it

It means when the trigger queue on IS goes down to 40 (or less) it will go to Broker to get more documents (if any are waiting there).

From documentation - Publish Subscribe Developers Guide…


The difference between the capacity and the refill level determines up to how many documents the Integration Server retrieves for the trigger from the Broker. For example, if you assign the trigger queue a capacity of 10 and a refill level of 4, the Integration Server initially retrieves 10 documents for the trigger. When only 4 documents remain to be processed in the trigger queue, the Integration Server retrieves up to 6 more documents. If 6 documents are not available, the Integration Server retrieves as many as possible.


Also, by default it will be 10 and 4 respectively and you should tune it according to document size, frequency… etc