Need details on core Audit DB and Process audit DB

Hi All,
Can some one tell important functionalies of Core Audit Db and Process Audit DB


pls review:
webMethods Audit Logging Guide

Also review the:
webMethods Monitors user guide.


Hello RP,
What is the information you are actually looking for in ISCoreAudit and ProcessAudit?

What i wanted to know is – what all information gets stored in ISCoreAudit and ISProcessAudit. Also share any docs on this if possible or links also okay.

You can explore the table by yourself

In IS page go to Settings > JDBC Pools >

Under Functional Alias Definitions check for ISCoreAudit, ProcessAudit and click on Associated Pool Alias here you will find the JDBC Connection Pool Alias

Log into the that database and explore all the tables :slight_smile:

Let me know if you still have questions.

Hi Mahesh,
I need to no the what is Process audit and Core audit for what is difference of both and where have to used this functionality.

Hi Mahesh,
I have Question of what is outPutArray in loop,its mandatory or not.

No setting outputArray is not mandatory unless it is needed…it is used when both Input/output document fields needs to loop and map it together (straight map links).