Need Details of protocals in Webservices


I am new to Webservices. When I try to convert normal flow service to web service it is show four different protocals like SOAP-PRC,SOAP-MSG,HTTP-GET,HTTP-POST.
So I need details about each protocal and also in whicj scenario we can use the above mentioned protocols.

I mean advantages and disadvantages of each protocol.


Hi Durga,
As you mentioned there are 2 type os SOAP protocols one is
SOAP RPC and other is SOAP MSG.

And to communicate witl these protocols we need to use HTTP and it does in 2 wyas
1 get
2 post.

To get the precise advantages and dis advantages go through the webservices documentation in the webmehtods developer. For examples you will find them under the sticky post of this forum.

I am keen to understand the difference among all of these four types

There are several sites on the web that explain the various SOAP options in detail.

General rule of thumb: use SOAP-MSG. SOAP-RPC can lead to interoperability problems.