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pls let me know the answers for the following questions…

I am very new to webMethods… These questions may appear silly, but as a starter i dont want to accumulate questions…

  1. Can an adapter service be the target service for the trigger?
  2. How can we dump the pipeline data to console?
  3. If serviceA calls serviceB, service B doesnt catch exception then how can it throw exception to serviceA so that it can catch?

thanks in advance…

will be collecting few more doubts for hte next post…

  1. I suppose it could be as long as your publishable document looks just like the input document to the adapter service. Using a flow service as the target gives you a lot more flexibility though.
  2. pub.flow:tracePipeline writes the pipeline to the server log. Is this what you want or do you really want to write it to standard out?
  3. If service B doesn’t catch the exception, then the exception will automatically roll up to service A. This is why having the try-catch block only in the top-level service is often sufficient.
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Thanks a lot Percio…
for the second query, if i want to write pipeline content to console what i should do?? Is debuglog is enough???

debugLog will write messages to the server log. If you want to write the pipeline to the server log, just use pub.flow:tracePipeline.

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few more questions…

  1. Can an adapter service be exposed as web service??? if yes, how to do this?

  2. On which EAI Architecture webMethods is built??? Is it on hub and spoke architecture?

3.How can we expose BP as webservice using SOAP message?

Hi jyothi,

  1.      Any service in Wm can be exposed as a webservice provided the local name,Namespace name and i/o specifications. is a clear documentation on exposing a service as Webservice.

2.I am not clear about this.

thanks rajesh…

Is exposing a service as webservice is in wM7.1 is different from wM6.5?

Typically, you would create a Flow to add things like error handling, retries, etc. to a basic adapter service and expose that as a web service.

“webMethods” is a company. Its message infrastructure product is webMethod Broker. Broker can be used by standalone apps that you write or by webMethods Integration Server.

See the SOAP / WSDL forum here for lots of pre-IS 7.1 examples. IS 7.1 changed how this is done to reduce the work required to use the interoperable document/literal style of SOAP messaging.


thanks a lot carlson…

Web services support was greatly enhanced in IS 7.1 and, as a result, is very different from earlier releases. See the 7.1 version of the Web Services Developer’s Guide for details.