NEE (WinXP) and Excel 2007?

Having a problem with NEE (Windows XP) and Excel 2007. The reports work with all other output formats, including Word 2007, and the diagrams work surprisingly well with Visio. But whenever I point a report to Excel, Excel opens a workbook and then I get and error window that says this:

“Runtime error ‘1004’: Excel cannot insert the sheets into the destination workbook, because it contains fewer rows and columns than the source workbook…”

When I click “End”, a second workbook opens up with the report (called REPORT.TXT1), however the hourglass stays up, and the blank workbook remains open but doesn’t show up in the task bar. I can still work with the report using the hourglass as a pointer, but something obviously isn’t right. The task manager indicates that both workbooks are running. Has anyone seen this?

Check setting of the macro you are running. Under EXCEL 2007 you need to use the NATENG.XLSM
Specified in NATENG.INI