necessary steps while upgrading wm8SP1 to wm8SP2

Hi All,

Please any one help to upgrade my environment from the wM8SP1 to wM8SP2

i have gone through the 8-x_webMethods_Upgrade_Guide.pdf document but let me know what are the basic steps need to take care and also let me know all steps to follow while upgrading, this is first time am doing upgrade, please help me on this.

we are using almost all the components of wM8SP1 i.e

3.IS , MWS and Centrasite
4. CAF,Centrasite, Tomcat Server.
5. Blaze Advisor.
etc… all components of wM8SP!

Anil Kumar ellendula

The readme and installation instructions for SP2 should cover everything in detail. The guide you mention is for updating to 8.x from 7.x and older.

i have read the 8-x_webMethods_Upgrade_Guide.pdf document to upgrade the wMSP1 to wM8 SP2, i did not understand well , this document does not have step by steps need to do, please explaim me step by steps things need to do while upgrading the wM8SP1 to wMsp2.

anil kumar ellendula