NaturalONE training video

This video was on the previous site. Unable to locate it here. Is it still available?


While I know the has training videos, the above was very helpful.

Hello Dana,

Please see our YouTube playlist and let me know if this is the one you are looking for.

There are also basic training for FREE that you may also explore in this link.


Hello Dana,
we from SAG training created a new set of videos which you can find in our learning portal To watch the free courses you need to register, this is for free.

You find there the NaturalONE Essentials course. It will consists of three parts:

  • BASIC part which is for free and is available
  • CORE part which is all about the DevOps topics in detail (issue tracking, source code management system and Continuous Integration). This can be purchase thru our Sales Organization (it is planned to get release April2021)
  • ELECTIVE part which offers some special topics.

The BASIC part is probably the one you are looking for. It is a comprehensive course for beginners to get started with NaturalONE, i.e. the Editor handling, ad-hoc testing, workspace handling, debugger, NatSTYLE, NatDOC and others. Here is a link to it NaturalONE Basic (E310A-75E) ( (probably you need to be registered).

Have fun watching the course and please provide feedback. We are constantly interested in improving our offerings,

Ursula Noll


Thank you Eli, these are the same one on

Thank you Ursula, I’ll look at them.

Hi Ursula,

Just FYI
I’m seeing this error page in Chrome when taking the course after logon. I hit continue and everything works fine