NaturalONE, Subversion, structure of Project initial state

We now have 5 developers using NaturalONE in ‘server mode’ and several others using SPoD. I would like to implement the Subversion (SVN) repository and local mode for those using NaturalONE. Any suggestions on how I should go about offloading the source code required for their project and building the initial state of the SVN repository? The typical SVN repository supports trees, branches, and tags. NaturalONE does not seem to recognize this structure. So what do I use as the initial structure of the repository?

I believe I have resolved the structure of the repository, for the moment…

Leave out the ‘Natural-Libraries’ folder and create the library at the top level.

Resulting in


This appears to allow NaturalONE and SPoD to share a common repository.