NaturalOne starting time problem

Starting NaturalOne takes long time to finish this background process on every project.
I don’t know how to solve this problem.
Please, help.

Hi Javier,

I hope you have found by now the Filters you can define for any of the object types in the directory tree shown in the server view by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the server view that looks like three arrows pointing to the right, but only the yellow arrow looks like it is making it through the “window”.

Once you define filters and apply them to the directory levels each filter might best help reduce the amount of objects returned in each object type’s list, the faster your NaturalONE client will open.

For instance, you can define one filter called something like ‘My Libraries’ and add only the Natural libraries you work in to this filter’s definition, and then right click on the ‘User Libraries’ node in the Server view and choose ‘Set Filter’ and select the ‘My Libraries’ filter to reduce the list of libraries shown in the server view. You can also define a filter called something like ‘My Programs’ or ‘Project 007’ and add a list of objects starting with a certain set of characters and use the wildcard to cause the ‘My Programs’ or ‘Project 007’ filter to show in the server view only programs named like ‘ABC*’. Just remember to apply the filter to the server node level you want the filter to apply to.

It is very helpful to define filters for your DDMs as well. Once you start using filters, you will quickly see the benefit in the load time in NaturalONE.

Thank you very much for your post.
I am trying to filter a project unsuccessfully having filter errors, please help me.
I am having about twelve natural libraries in my Natural Server window.
I want to filter, for instance:
library-a -> objects aa*
library-b -> objects bb*
library-c -> objects cc*
library-d -> objects dd*
Could you, please, show me images to do that ?

Hi Javier,

I attempted to reply to your last post via replying to the email notification I receive in my email inbox because when I attempted to post a reply directly here, it would not allow me to include the graphics showing screen shots of the screens I was providing as examples of how to define filters for what you are trying to accomplish.

Did you receive my email reply? If not, then if you provide me a directly email address, I can forward that email with the graphics included directly to you.

And if anyone knows how to include graphics images in a reply post, please let me know.

Have a nice day!
Kathy Jackson