NaturalONE released March 2nd, 2010

Software AG is pleased to announce the General Availablility of the new product NaturalONE

NaturalONE is a new Eclipse-based toolset for enterprise application development. NaturalONE is a unique integrated development environment (IDE) that lets developers code and test applications (using the Natural language), expose Natural objects as web services, and create rich web interfaces for their applications. In this way,
NaturalONE lets the developer produce applications that not only support enterprise SOA and BPM, but also appeal to business users outside the IT group.

Key features of NaturalONE are:

  • Complete toolset for business application development under Eclipse
  • Allows the creation of AJAX based, Rich Internet Applications
  • Wizard-driven tools for fast creation of web services
  • Test facilities for component and unit tests
  • Interactive debugger, that allows also debugging of remote Mainframe applications
  • Service Generation tools for creation CRUD (Create, read, Update, delete) services

Best regards Karlheinz Kronauer

Product Management